Local Test Sites - Frequently Asked Questions

How do Local Test Sites (LTS) work in practice?

Those attending a walk-through testing site will be asked to confirm their identity on arrival.

Test subjects will be then be issued with a test kit and directed to a testing booth, where they will be provided with guidance to help them self-administer a swab test, taking swabs from both the nose and back of the throat.

After safely completing the test a testing assistant will advise how to register their test online and exit the site.

Why have you launched walk-through testing sites? Who are they targeted for?

This additional route has been launched to allow people without access to cars to book appointments and to improve accessibility to testing in the heart of communities who need it most.

Is this safe – why are you asking symptomatic people to walk into busy places?

Anyone attending an appointment at a walk-through testing site will be provided with guidance on getting to and from the test site safely, including adhering to social distancing, not travelling in a taxi or on public transport, wearing a face covering throughout (including travelling to and from the testing centre) and washing their hands thoroughly before leaving for their appointment. The approach has been agreed with expert clinical oversight.

Can people show up for a test at my local walk-through testing site?

The aim is that everyone in Dundee with Coronavirus symptoms has access to free tests to support continued efforts to reduce the transmission of the virus.

To ensure sites have enough capacity to meet demand, people should book an appointment to attend a walk-through testing site. It is vital for safety reasons they arrive at the correct time.

Will self-test or administered testing be available?

Initially all LTSs will be self-test only.